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City Clerk

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1. What are the names of the Mayor & Councilmembers?
2. When does the City Council meet?
3. Are City Council meetings broadcast on television?
4. How may I receive advance notice of what will be on the Council agenda?
5. Can I be notified by email when a new Council Agenda is posted?
6. May I address the City Council at a meeting?
7. How can I participate in a City Council Meeting?
8. How do I apply to serve on a City Board, Commission or Committee?
9. I need a copy of a City document. Where can I get one?
10. How can I look at the City’s Municipal Code book?
11. When is the next election? Am I registered to vote?
12. Who are my Federal, State and County Representatives and how can I reach them?
13. Where can I get a copy of a birth or death certificate or apply for a marriage license?
14. Where is City Hall?
La Mesa City Hall    8130 Allison Ave.    La Mesa, CA 91942    Ph: 619.463.6611