Live well San Diego

Local Government

Why should local government be involved in Live Well?  
The National League of Cities recommends local elected officials can help combat childhood obesity by "promoting healthy lifestyles that encourage physical activity and good nutrition." While there are no "quick fixes," city officials can stimulate and shape local initiatives, promote collaboration across organizations and programs, and support effective programming that improves the health of the nation's children and youth.

Local Schools

Why should schools be involved in Live Well?  
According to the Department of Education, poor nutrition and physical inactivity are factors that contribute to obesity, and they are also closely linked to student achievement and overall success in the school environment. Studies have firmly connected fitness and healthy weight to higher test scores. Self-esteem and behavior problems are also linked to obesity in students, and are probably among the factors that undermine achievement.

Community - La Mesa & Spring Valley

Why should local government be involved in Live Well?  
In addition to reducing the incidence of overweight and obesity among the residents of La Mesa, our efforts will create a healthier environment in the city by generating:
  • Leadership in healthy living - Healthier behaviors will be easier to start and maintain because they will be built into community design.
  • A model and legacy - Children will grow up in a place that promotes their health and well-being.


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