Town Hall Meetings

Our First Town Hall Meetings

On December 4, 2006 and January 30, 2007, the La Mesa City Council conducted its first town hall meetings. The community input received at both meetings established the foundation on which the council developed the two-year budget for fiscal years 2007-2009.

The council felt the town hall meeting format, which replaced the bi-annual Community Summit, was highly successful in finding out what residents think about their city as well as in understanding citizens’ concerns and their vision for La Mesa’s future.

Location & Timing of Meetings

As a result, the council holds meetings each year at local schools in various locations to cover all areas of the city. Information about the location, date and time of these meetings are posted on the Event Calendar.

​2019 Town Hall Meetings

View the presentations from the 2019 Town Hall Meetings:
View the comments from the 2019 Town Hall Meetings:
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Town Hall Meeting Resident