DIY Energy and Sustainability Toolkit

CLM-DIY Energy Saving

New DIY Energy and Sustainability Toolkits are available to help you reduce waste and save money, energy and water!

The City of La Mesa recently launched a free DIY Energy and Sustainability Toolkit, available for checkout, that provides La Mesa residents with tools and equipment to improve the sustainability of their home or small business. By using the DIY Toolkit, residents not only save energy, water and reduce waste, but also support the City’s Climate Action Plan goals. 

The toolkit has all the essentials La Mesans need to begin their energy and sustainability journey starting with step-by-step instructions and tools. When residents check out a DIY Toolkit, they’ll also receive free items to keep including LED bulbs, low-flow shower heads, weather stripping, low-flow faucet aerators, outlet gaskets and more to help lower utility bills while saving precious resources.

The toolkit can be reserved online and checked out between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. from La Mesa City Hall (8130 Allison Ave.) or Helix Water District (7811 University Ave., La Mesa, CA).  The toolkits are available to checkout for two weeks before everything must be returned - but the free items stay with the user!

More information on the toolkit and presentation requests are available at