Measure U: Medical Marijuana

Potential Cannabis Tax Measure

February 28, 2018 Presentation

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Additional Information:

Measure U Ordinance
Measure U/Medical Marijuana FAQs - 1/18/2017
FAQs - 1/26/2017
FAQs - 3/17/2017
Illegal Dispensaries  - Shut Down
Interactive Medical Marijuana Sites Map

Conditional Use Permit Application
Environmental Assessment/Initial Study Application
Manufacturing Supplemental Application 
Dispensary Supplemental Application

The Live Scan form is a fillable PDF form. Complete the form and print it (preferred), or print the form and complete by hand, and then bring it with you to fingerprinting. The La Mesa Police Department, 8085 University Avenue, provides this service Monday through Thursday and alternate Fridays from 9:00am - 4:30pm. Walk-in service is available and an appointment is not necessary, but appointments receive priority over walk-ins. If you would like to set an appointment, please call 619.667.7592. The fee for the background check and Live Scan checks with the FBI and DOJ at the Police Department is $175. Use of the Police Department for this service is encouraged. If Live Scan is completed by an outside party, the background check with the Police Department is still required for a fee of $106. All owners and employees are required to complete the Live Scan and background check process.

Additional Information:
Sensitive Use Address List  REVISED 03/02/2018

Cultivation and Manufacturing Constraints - Citywide​​ 
Cultivation and Manufacturing Constraints - Zoom​​
Dispensary Location Constraints - Citywide​​    REVISED 03/02/2018
Dispensary Location Constraints - Zoom Area A    REVISED 03/02/2018
Dispensary Location Constraints - Zoom Area B​​    REVISED 03/02/2018
Dispensary Location Constraints - Zoom Area C​    REVISED 03/02/2018
Dispensary Location Constraints - Zoom Area D    REVISED 03/02/2018
Dispensary Location Constraints - Zoom Area E    REVISED 03/02/2018

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Submittals as of April 23, 2018

Approved Conditional Use Permits

CUP 17-01  8155 Center Street -  Approved Feb. 21, 2018
CUP 17-16 7729 University Avenue - Approved March 21, 2018

The following list outlines those locations for which a Conditional Use Permit has been filed to this date in the City of La Mesa.  The type of facility is noted.


CUP 17-01 8155 Center Street - Approved 2/21/2018
CUP 17-02  6957 University Avenue

CUP 17-03  7323 El Cajon Boulevard

CUP 17-04  7180 University Avenue

CUP 17-05  8160 Parkway Drive

CUP 17-07  5555 Jackson Drive

CUP 17-10  8939 La Mesa Boulevard

CUP 17-16  7729 University Avenue
- Approved 3/21/2018
CUP 17-17  8300 Center Drive

CUP 17-22  8740 La Mesa Boulevard

CUP 17-23  8126 Center Street

CUP 17-31  7339 El Cajon Boulevard, Suite C
- Approved 03/21/2018. Denied on appeal to City Council 4/24/2018.
CUP 17-39  8260 Parkway Drive

CUP 17-85  8110 Commercial Street
CUP 17-86  5301 Lake Murray Boulevard
CUP 17-88  7901 Hillside Drive
CUP 17-90  8764 Campo Road
CUP 17-95  7935-7939 El Cajon Boulevard 
CUP 17-96  8760 Campo Road 
CUP 17-98  7170 University Avenue
CUP 17-99  7735 University Avenue

Cultivation Site

CUP 17-55  8140 Center Street
CUP 17-84  8185 Center Street
CUP 17-87  8250 Commercial Street
CUP 18-02  8151 Commercial Street, Suite B
CUP 18-03  5170 Guild Street 
CUP 18-04  8181 Center Street - NEW

Manufacturing Site

CUP 17-56  8140 Center Street
CUP 17-91  8111 Commercial Street
CUP 17-92  8191 Center Street
CUP 17-93  8250 Commercial Street
CUP 17-94  8141 Center Street
CUP 17-100  8107-8109 Commercial Street
CUP 18-01  8151 Commercial Street, Suite A 
CUP 18-05  8181 Center Street - NEW
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